Dinesh FM 93.8MHz is a leading radio media of Far Western Development Region. This FM  started it’s transmission on 3rd july 2007 and now it is rocking almost all the district of  Far West, some district of  Mid West including Uttaranchal and Uttarpradesh of India. This FM is commercial radio media standing on it’s own.This FM has already started to achieve the professional and economical standards since the date of establishment with it’s perfect program composition and marketing policies, Dinesh FM as a part of DINESH GROUP is dynamically advancing twards progress and development.

With a slogan “Voice Of Farwest”, Dinesh FM is regulated 19 hrs a day. The proper blend of information and entertainment with world-class music from Dinesh  FM 93.8MHz is now the daily requirement & needs of the people of Far West Development Region. All the programs of Dinesh FM are designed with concept “To all,For all”.